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Syd Lexia Doesn't Live Here Anymore...

Pop Culture Ate My Brain

Syd Lexia
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Hi, I'm Syd Lexia and it is my unfortunate displeasure to tell you that I am responsible for SydLexia.com and The NES Drinking Saga as well as The Petition To Get Donkeylips Work.
12 monkeys, 80s rock, airheads, alf, aqua teen hunger force, batman, batman returns, beavis and butt-head, better off dead, beverly hills 90210, blossom, blue velvet, boondock saints, cliffhanger, commando, con-air, conan the barbarian, copland, count duckula, danger mouse, darkwing duck, days of thunder, die hard, double dare, drinking, duck tales, dumb and dumber, edward scissorhands, eek! the cat, empire records, escape from new york, et, face/off, family feud, family matters, freddy vs. jason, from hell, full house, g.i. joe, get a life, ghosbusters, ghost busters, ghostbusters 2, gobots, greg the bunny, gremlins, halloween, he-man, headbanger's ball, heathcliff, heathers, heavy metal, hey dude, house of 1000 corpses, jeopardy, john carpenter's the thing, kids in the hall, kindergarten cop, kung fu hustle, labyrinth, looney tunes, m.a.s.k., mad max: beyond thunderdome, magnolia, melrose place, memento, metal, mighty morphin' power rangers, millenium, monty python's flying circus, mtv's the state, muppet babies, my blue heaven, nick arcade, nintendo, perfect strangers, pink floyd: the wall, pinwheel, pop culture, press your luck, punky brewster, rambo: first blood, saturday night live, saved by the bell, saved!, say anything, sesame street, sleepy hollow, south park, soylent green, star wars, stella, step by step, strangers with candy, suburban commando, suicide kings, super mario brothers, superted, swearing, tango & cash, teenage mutant ninja turtles, terminator, terminator 2: judgement day, the breakfast club, the critic, the crow, the dana carvey show, the lethal weapon series, the muppet show, the o.c., the real ghostbusters, the repo man, the road warrior, the rock, the simpsons, the tonight show, the x-files, they live, thundercats, time bandits, today's special, top gun, transformers, true lies, twins, under siege, upright citizens brigade, welcome freshmen